Kaare Living Oy
Kulmatie 1 a 3
01820 Klaukkala
Business ID 2995213-6
Iina Tuomivaara
Sari Viljamaa
Creative Director

Who we are?

Sari, designer/ creative leader:

I'm interior architect and  the heart of Kaare's product range. I love finding a visual atmosphere i all range - whether is it a selection of proportions, materials or shades. My color is turquoise - profound, calm and creative.

Iina, customer service / business person

I love colours and they give me power. Orange is my power colour Impulsive, attractive and energetic - these all are orange for me. I'm geographer and nature is a big part of my life. The best way to get relaxed for me is to listen bird's singing and trees' swhishing.

Venla, freelancer / designer

Living in Lapland makes my drawing to be authetic - all the ideas are drawn from the pure nature.

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