About Us

For inspirational living, playing and dreaming
Kaare Living is an interior design brand that is made of simple aesthetics and environmental friendly choices. We love to serve you who prefer authentic style instead of fast changing fashion and that is why we want to produce only long-lasting ethically made products.
Our collection has special selection of goods that pleases your visual eye and are lovely to use. They are made to give your life a little more of colours, joy and meaningful moments.

AESTHETICS:  Life is beautiful. You can find it everywhere when you open your mind to see it.  We want that to bring beauty in people’s homes with the aspect of inhabitant’s personality.

ECOLOGY: The planet Earth is pure and wonderful. We want to cherish it’s beauty and make it possible  for next generations to experince it’s natural diversity. Our products are sustainable by the timeless design and made from the finest natural materials.

COURAGE: Finding you own style requires courage, but when living a life targeted with your own dreams, you would be the most satisfied with your life. We want to encourage everyone to choose in every moment your own path and to look forward over the barriers to find the treasure under the rainbow.

EQUALITY: We are all equal. Our employeers, manufacturers and our customers are all important for us and we want to make sure our whole production is ethical and provides good for people working on it. Because together we are more. We are the colours of Kaare and only together we can make others really shine.
We are Sari and Iina - the colors of Kaare Living.
We are friends from childhood and we both have the passion for aesthetical things and stories with flavor of life.

This story began in 2009 when we went travelling around the world and got inspired by the biodiversity of the world as well as the local handicraft tradition. The vivid colors of the South America countries, the Natural beauty of Africa and the rhythm of life in Asia were especially things we wanted to bring to our northern homes.

Ten years later, after we had been raising our kids at home for many years we found a need to do something for ourselves, for people around us and for everyone. We both were ready to make our dreams true. As an interior designer and a geographer it was all about passion for beautiful harmony with natural aspect.
In 2018 we started to work together for Kaare Living collection. Our focus in the very beginning was in making a harmonious range of sustainable interior goods, simple wooden toys and richly illustrated linen products. The first collection was designed with the help of our own kids -literally.
Venla Saari, our friend and freelancer designer for Kaare, draw some exclusive illustrations to our collection such as Poseidon, Bob, Chicken, Net and Woodland Farm. 
Kaare unites our different strengths and  there is no one without the other -as the rainbow arises only in different colors.
We hope you like our products as much as we do.
Warm welcome to join our Journey!