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Kaare Living
Natural simplicity with colourful spices from all over the world.
Inspiring and sustainable living for kids and grown-ups.
Kaare Living is an interior design brand that is made from
simple aesthetics and environmental friendly choices. We strive to serve people who prefer authentic style instead of fast changing fashion and that is why we want to produce only long-lasting items that are not only pleasing our eyes but somehow resonates with our souls.
We are passionated about unique stories, personal styles and pure nature. So our products are designed for you to create interior that makes you feel the most You. And that is what inspires us: being satisfied with who you truly are and living life in your way -not for the others.
This is the moment we start to really shine in your own rainbow!
We are Sari and Iina - the colors of Kaare Living. We are friends from childhood and both have the passion for aesthetical things. Kaare Living is our vision of interior brand with sustainable choices. 
In 2009, we went travelling around the world and got inspired by the biodiversity of the world as well as the local handicraft tradition. The vivid colors of the South America countries, the Natural beauty of Africa and the rhythm of life in Asia were especially things we wanted to bring to our northern homes.
When we were raising our kids at home for many years we were dreaming about working for something special purpose one day. Iina had studied biology and geography and interested in environmental and sustainability and Sari was working as a interior designer.
Our common passion  is bohemian and natural way of living. In 2018 we found our intrest in making special interior goods with natural and ethical impact. In addition, our friend Venla Saari had drawn some special illustrations that we wanted to somehow further develop into our visions. Now that we are running Kaare Living together we still have Venla as a freelancer designer with us.
Kaare unites our different strengths and  there is no one without the other -as the rainbow arises only in different colors.
Welcome to join Our journey!


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