Back to School Week planners -Free Download

Summer is soon over (not yet but always too soon!) and our kids are going back to school. Weekly routines needs good week planners but I could not find any simple enough for my own 7-year-old son so I decided to made them! Pattern is made from Kaare Living Cherries.
We wanted to share with you If you need one or two.
Just feel free to Download and print as many you want!
- "Kaare mamas" Sari & Iina
Ps. Downloads are not for commercial purposes or companies use. If you are interested of retail send us email :)

Week planners in English

Cherries Brown-Lavender

Week planners in Finnish

Cherries Golden Ochre

Ps. Kertokaapa oliko näistä hyötyä? Riittääkö tulostettava versio vai olisiko tälläiselle tuotteelle verkkokaupassa tarvetta esimerkiksi pieninä lehtiöinä myytynä?


  • eekixeceoye

    ] Equifirof

  • icenayiqua

    ] Usuhqaa

  • otzileloag

    ] Ateqan

  • aetutorenidar

    ] Uzahij

  • afeutuqu

    ] Utlitopij

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