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For Future Fridays

We in western countries are doing well – at least materialistically.  Some would say too well. We are one fifth of the world’s population and use up four fifths of its resources.  Still we don’t need to blame ourselves or anguishedly try to save the whole world at once. Individual people can influence collectively by minor, everyday actions. A huge leap can be achieved also by many tiny steps. A sustainable lifestyle gives respect to nature and considers future generations. By prudent and aware consuming we can live sustainably and make possible to maintain the diversity of nature. One of Kaare’s key values is ecology. For us it means just those little choices and more sustainable consumption habits. The materials...

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Our Story

Kaare Living-Natural simplicity with colourful spices from all over the world. Inspiring and sustainable living for kids and grown-ups. -Kaare Living is an interior design brand that is made fromsimple aesthetics and environmental friendly choices. We strive to serve people who prefer authentic style instead of fast changing fashion and that is why we want to produce only long-lasting items that are not only pleasing our eyes but somehow resonates with our souls.We are passionated about unique stories, personal styles and pure nature. So our products are designed for you to create interior that makes you feel the most You. And that is what inspires us: being satisfied with who you truly are and living life in your way -not for...

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